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Over the last year, we have been able to learn a lot about what it really takes to create a First Class City!  First, we have learned that it takes time for people to learn and adjust to new information so change will not be overnight.  However, we have made some historic moves and progress occurs at a record pace with regard to our top 3 issues: Freedom, Community Education, & Citizen Power.

Our efforts to ELIMINATE the East St. Louis Election Board have met with heavy resistance from the St. Clair County Central Democratic Committee.  This means is must be very important to the CITIZEN AGENDA so we endeavor to place it back on the ballot.  Also, voter support has grown from 1,559 to 3,013 in less than one year and we see more than enough growth to justify the effort involved with getting 1,000 more signatures to place it back on the ballot in 2013.

Your support of our newsletter, the CITIZENS’ ADVOCATE, has resulted in tremendous growth in our mailing list and the number of pages in this FREE publication!  We have added the Environmental Justice issue to our regular offerings which includes information about local governance, the Freedom of Information Act, and the Open Meetings Act.

In order to effectively manage our local elected officials--whoever they may be, we need to have a plan, or a job description, for them.  This plan ideally should include a timeline and a set of objectives or goals.   To this end, we are looking to develop a Survey that prioritizes a list of Top 10 Citizen Goals.  For now, we are calling this the DREAM PLAN

Once we have collected at least 1,000 Surveys, we will publish the results in the Citizens’ Advocate and send a certified copy of the results to the proper elected officials.  This will give us a clear and accurate measure of how little or how much our elected officials actually listen to Citizens!

It is our belief that when Citizens know how to hold elected officials accountable they will.  The elimination of the election board will solidify this reality for all time to come while making additional revenue available for public safety and/or youth programs without raising taxes or fines.

With your help, we are well on our way to actually creating the CITIZEN friendly policy environment that is also conducive to creating and sustaining a First Class City!!    

2010 Financial Statements for City of East St. Louis
2010 TIF Financial Statements & FOIA Ordinance
2010 Internal Control Report

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We would like to thank everyone that perservered on a hot and humid day to a bad location!!  This is exactly the type of commitment required to get rid of the Election Board and creat a First Class City in East St. Louis!!
2012 Community Leadership Award Winner, Lillie Butler Lawrence, recieveing certificate and a Casino Queen gift certificate.

Photos by TLC Photography
Matt Hawkins, President, with wife Kim Hawkins, Secretary, of the Civic Alliance.

Photos by TLC Photography
Sammie Ashford, Matt Hawkins, and Stanford Scott, columnist with the East St. Louis Monitor
Photos by TLC Photography
Al Katzenberger, Matt Hawkins, Dave Barnes-candidate for State Senator (57th) and Colleen Austin Cole.
Photos by TLC Photography